Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Sipper usage

The masturbation device recommended by women is "clitoral sucker/beanie sucker"!How exactly does the sipper work?Who is it suitable for?Aim the sucker and gently press the clitoris / clitoris C point, and enjoy the clitoral orgasm immediately.

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About Clitoral Suckers / Beanie Suckers - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is a clitoral sucker?Is the sipper any good?A novice point-and-suck clitoral device?

The clitoral sucker is a toy that simulates female oral sex, and the C-spot of the female clitoris is stimulated to achieve female orgasm.A clitoral suction device can bring a woman a clitoral orgasm in just a few minutes.We will recommend the clitoral sucker to first-time users. Since it is not necessary to insert the vagina to experience orgasm, it can also be used by virgins. It is extremely simple, convenient and guaranteed.

What is the function of a clitoral sucker?Is it better to suck a clit?

The recommended style of the clitoral sucker is mainly adjustable in a wide range of intensity, that is, from very small air pressure fluctuations to powerful shocks, each time you can adjust the intensity to the most suitable for you, and enjoy the gradual arrival of super strong clitoral orgasms;

It is also very important to replace the silicone connector of the sipper, because it is very convenient to clean before and after each use, simply remove the silicone connector of the sipper; you can also change the size that suits you better, and it will fit more tightly when used; The replaceable sucker connector also prolongs the service life of the clitoral sucker. As long as the sucker connector is replaced regularly, it can continue to be used by keeping the silicone clean and hygienic, which is very durable.

The clitoral sucker can be waterproof, which is a good choice. The clitoral sucker with waterproof function can be used at any time in the bath. It is used with warm warm water, and the water brings another pleasure to use.

How to use clitoral sucker steps?

  1. Clean thoroughly before use
  2. Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the clitoris and gently push it away
  3. Turn on the clitoral sucker and aim the sucking head at the clitoris (use your fingers to gently spread the labia if necessary)
  4. Angle it slightly until comfortable
  5. Remove the sipper after use
  6. Clean thoroughly after use

How to clean clitoral sucker steps?

  1. Use clean water (not hot water) to simply rinse off the body fluids and lubricating fluid left inside and outside the suction head
  2. Gently and thoroughly scrub the sipper head inside and out using an appropriate silicone toy cleaning fluid or sanitizing cleaning bubble
  3. Rinse the cleaning solution inside and outside the aspirator head
  4. Wipe the print dry with a lint-free towel
  5. Reinstall the sucker head back into the clitoral sucker
  6. Store in a cool and safe place out of the reach of children

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