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Zhendan is definitely a must-have masturbation product for women. This Zhendan store has the most popular European, American, Japanese and Korean best-selling shock eggs and wireless shock eggs in Hong Kong. The popular online shopping recommends shock eggs.

About Vibrating Egg/Wireless Vibrating Egg - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

I believe many people have heard of Zhendan, but how many types of Zhendan are there?

Shock eggs are mainly divided into two categories: wireless shock eggs and wired shock eggs.

If you want to choose long-distance control, the wireless remote control vibration egg is recommended as the most suitable first choice. It provides ultra-long-distance connection through the network with Bluetooth and phone application APP, and can even conduct online real-time interaction with Long D partners across borders; there are also other wireless vibration The egg will be equipped with the original remote control, which can control the vibration mode, vibration intensity and vibration rhythm of the egg at an appropriate distance, and has many functions to control the pleasure of the partner's orgasm.

Wired shock eggs are generally suitable for short-distance home use, and the shock eggs are usually connected to wires to power the shock eggs and remote control.

How to choose the recommendation for online shopping of wireless shock eggs in Hong Kong?

Quiet and stable connection!In order to use it when going out on the street, you can choose some wireless vibration eggs with silent design. The sound wave decibel does not exceed dB<60, which is similar to the sound wave in the office. When the wireless vibration egg is placed in the vagina, the operation sound will be quieter. , and it is not easily detected when used in theaters or libraries.

Should novice users buy shock eggs?

Suggestions for the shaker suitable for beginners can be purchased according to the following characteristics: shaker material, shaker size and size, vibration intensity and vibration mode, mute and waterproof functions, shaker brand and shaker price.

What material and shape will the egg be made of?

Eggs are generally made of silicone, plastic and other materials, and the surface will be smooth, with a skin-friendly silky touch; in addition to the oval shape of the egg, there are other shapes to stimulate specific sensitive points.

Wireless shock egg point?What is the recommendation for the wireless vibration egg game?Will the egg shaker be taken out?

The wireless vibrating ball is an entry-level toy. Generally, you can put the vibrating ball into the vagina to massage the G-spot, massage the wireless vibrating ball to the C-spot of the clitoris or the nipple, bringing pleasant sexual pleasure and even female orgasm.

How to use Zhendan teaching and steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the vibrato with a suitable cleaning solution
  2. Apply enough water-based lubricant to the shock egg and vaginal opening
  3. Push the vibrator slowly and firmly into the vagina until it is comfortable
  4. Turn on the vibration egg and use it
  5. Use the wireless vibrator tail or loop to slowly pull the vibrator out of the vagina
  6. Thoroughly clean the vibrato with a suitable cleaning solution
  7. Store in a cool and safe place out of the reach of children

The tail of the egg shaker is designed with a tail or a rope loop. After use, the tail or rope loop can be pulled by hand to pull the shaker egg out of the vagina.

What are some popular shock egg styles to recommend?

The wireless remote control vibrator can be controlled remotely; the double-head vibrator can stimulate the vagina G-spot and the clitoral C-spot at the same time, and the big vibrator is very popular.

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