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Masturbators | New experience of hitting J orgasm

Masturbation cups are definitely the must-have masturbation cups and masturbation equipment for men. This masturbation cup store has the most popular European and Japanese masturbation cups and masturbation supplies in Hong Kong. Shop online now and recommend masturbation cups.

What are the different types of Masturbatorss?

Aircraft cup styles are mainly divided into two categories:

Disposable items (Tenga CUP Masturbators series, Tenga aircraft eggs) Recyclable (Tenga Masturbators,Electric Masturbators,Japanese anime Masturbators,Japanese AV actress famous Masturbators)

Are Masturbators reuseable?

sure!As long as you choose the right model of the Masturbators, it can be recycled. The Masturbators and attention to cleaning after use, with proper cleaning and maintenance of the Masturbators, can be reused and prolong the life of the Masturbators.

If you don't want to clean the masturbation cup, you can consider buying a disposable masturbation cup online.

How to choose the right Masturbators?

You can choose different jerking supplies according to your personal preferences. Some Masturbatorss are mainly for the pleasure of blowjob and deep throat, and there are also styles of vacuum sucking or turning.

There are also different choices in terms of appearance. Japanese AV actresses are generally made of flesh-colored cups, which are made to imitate the vulva, vaginal shape or buttocks of actresses, and the appearance is highly simulated.

In addition, some masturbation cup brands will design the masturbation cup as a work of art, and it will not be embarrassing to put it in the bathroom or on the table.

How to clean and maintain Masturbators to extend its life cycle?

The repetitive Masturbators should be cleaned as soon as possible after use. The cleaning method refers to the following steps.

Step 1: Rinse the inside of the Masturbators with clean water first, and then use the Masturbators cleaning solution that does not waste silicone and sterilize to thoroughly clean the channel and outer layer.

Step 2: Wipe gently with a lint-free dry cloth, and use a hygroscopic earth absorbing stick to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the Masturbators. Proper cleaning and keeping it dry can really extend the life of the Masturbators! *(Do not expose to the sun)

Do masturbation cups or masturbation cups need to be used with lubricant?

Men should use an appropriate amount of water-based lubricant before using the masturbation cup to avoid unnecessary discomfort due to friction and protect the tender skin of the penis. There are also other different lubricants that can improve the experience, such as no-rinse lubricants, cold-hot lubricants Fluids, lubricating fluids of different thick viscosities.

What are the advantages of online shopping for Masturbatorss in Hong Kong compared to retail stores?

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