A different prostate orgasm!Men can use the ANEROS prostate massager to improve the quality of sexual life in an all-round way. In addition to massaging the prostate P-spot and the posterior court, it can also increase sexual excitement, making the erection of the penis harder and longer.

ANEROS, an American professional prostate sex toys brand, began to release the world’s first portable prostate massager in 2002, and has gradually launched a number of patented prostate product series, which are in line with ergonomic product design and no need for users. With hand assistance, you can feel different men’s posterior and prostate orgasms simply by controlling the contraction of the anal sphincter muscles.

According to the experience of many users, choosing ANEROS prostate massager will more easily induce strong Super O orgasm in men's prostate. Super O "Super Orgasm" is stronger and longer lasting than ordinary ejaculation orgasm, and can reach up to tens of minutes of orgasm pleasure!Since Super O does not end with ejaculation, the entire stimulation process can not only last for a long time, but it is also easier to restore energy than ejaculation orgasm, and enjoy the pleasure of awakening the prostate.