The 20-year history of hot-selling definitely classic lubricating fluid-Nakajima Chemical ペペ, quality assurance made in Japan.

Since 1994, Nakajima Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has been supplying high-quality and excellent products as the core of the company.
All of their work from product development to manufacturing and quality control is carried out at their own "Nagazuka Factory" in Nagoya.

Nakajima Chemical Industry has also developed and manufactured their first self-branded product 「ペペ」, and is committed to the development of various massage lubricants, mucosal protective agents, cosmetics and new functional products.

In order not only to manufacture high-quality products, but also high-reliability products that users can use with confidence, they have also established a system that conforms to the standard "GMP", which outlines the requirements for product management and manufacturing, and strives to establish a system that is friendly to humans and the environment. Dream of creating a factory.